Learnscope Project

I confess, I am not a natural blogger so it will be useful to explore and see how blogs may support our teaching. I am not yet convinced about blogging but you need to know the tool before you can pass judgment I guess so will start out, at least, recording my progress as a facilatator of the Thebarton Learnscope project.

For myself, the project began with a conference with Marlene taking the Project Managers and Facilatators though a range of resources and requirements. It was also great to meet and work with others working on a range of projects.

Our team got got off to a great start last week with Marlene introducing us to some critical concepts in e-learning – as well as selling blogging as a reflective tool. Bruce then introduced us to Moodle and the basic tools. My challenge is to use Moodle as a communication medium and to provide resources for course participants.

It has been great to see the start people have been making – with one class already using some online tools.

Am also realizing we need to have consistency so we will have to develop templates/protocols. This is to ensure the learner’s experience will be the consistent as they move from course to course. Also the need to stress login/registration procedure. One participant created their own login thus depriving themselves of assigned rights.

 If you’re reading this, I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment!

Countering Plagiarism

This is a workshop I will be presenting at ACEC 2006. It stems from work I have done, predominantly at Unley High School in South Australia. After the policy was developed a research project was undertaken to gauge it’s usefulness/applicability to classroom teachers and this will also be reported on. I developed a website to promote the 10 points.

I am very interested in the views of other educators and so started this blog to encourage discussion of the points. Though initially set up as an extension of the conference presentation anyone is welcome to contribute.

Starting up – it had to happen

Having dabbled in a number of web 2.0 tools I have been slow to try blogging but now having a go.

The impetus was twofold – one was taking part in the web 2.0 show case and subsequent conversations/emails with Al Upton and Graham Wegener. Secondly I am presenting on Countering Plagiarism at the upcoming ACEC conference in Cairns next week and am interested in a way of extending conversations about plagiarism, for those conference delegates who attended the presentation – for those who didn’t – and anyone else who comes across this post. I had thought about a wiki but trying a blog.